Submission Guidelines

All participants attending the 7th annual SSR conference are invited to submit abstracts on topics related to the rheumatic diseases.

Participants, who would like to present their work at the conference, either orally or as a poster, are invited to submit an abstract for consideration by the Abstract Grading Committee. While participants may indicate their preference for oral or poster presentation, the final decision will be made by the Committee. Published data as manuscript will not be considered.

Young Investigators Session (YIS) will form an important component of this meeting.
Participation to YIS is limited to fellows, residents and students.

SSR is pleased to announce the following entitlement such as free registration, airfare ticket and accommodation for Young investigators who have an abstract accepted for presentation at the YIS.

Important Information:

Submission of an abstract constitutes a commitment by the author(s) to present the abstract as accepted. All expenses associated with the preparation, submission, and presentations of an abstract are the responsibility of the presenting authors(s).

It is the responsibility of all investigators that all studies are performed with respect to national legislation, international legislation and approved by Ethics committee from their institutions.

Submission timeline and instruction:

Call for abstract day 15 November 2019
Submission deadline day 01 March 2020
Notification to submitters 15 March 2020

Abstracts can only be submitted on-line via the on-line abstract submission form. Submission by fax, e-mail or courier will not be accepted.

When you submit the abstract online, you will be asked to indicate the following:
The preferred format of presentation: [] Oral[] Poster
Young investigators session [] Yes[] No

The abstract should not exceed 300 words and should include the following:

  • Title
  • Introduction.
  • Objectives.
  • Methods.
  • Results.
  • Conclusions.
  • Do not include tables, figures or references in the abstract text.

All oral presentation will be 10 minutes duration (7 minutes presentation, with 3 minutes discussion).

All posters will be viewed during the guided poster tours (3 minutes for presentation and 2 minutes for discussion).

All presenters must register to attend the conference within a maximum of two weeks of acceptance of the abstract and be present at the time of the conference.

Awards for Young investigators:

Top abstracts will be selected by SSR faculty judging panel, who will be presiding as the lead judges and moderators.

The SSR’s award will be given to the best oral abstract and two awards for the poster abstract submitted and presented by Young investigators.